Understanding Different Shaving Products and Ingredients

31 Oct

A lot of men only shave with plain soap and/or water, but shaving cream can actually help if used the right way. Shaving lubes also prevent skin irritation so they're perfect for eliminating razor burns. Then again, if you're happy with your no-shaving-cream routine, you can always stick to it. On the other hand, if you think you could use a nice upgrade, why not?

Different Shaving Products in the Market

Why does aftershave burn? Men with sensitive skin usually prefer shaving creams, which contain a lot of fats and glycerin that serve to prevent skin dryness. When mixed with hot water, shaving cream provides the best lather and softens facial hair as well, making it easier to shave off.

Shaving gels have a moisturizing and lubricating effect on your skin and are easier to use than shaving creams and lathering soaps. You can apply them using your hands. Since shaving gels are clear, you will be able to see the direction of your hair growth, which helps give you a clean, smooth shave.

Shaving foams aren't as great as other shaving products when it comes to lather quality, and they also tend to close the pores on your face. Although they're easier to use, they can dry your skin because of certain ingredients and also because these products don't come with moisturizers. Make sure to read this safety razor guide for beginners.

Common Ingredients Found in Shaving Products Today

When choosing the right shaving product, you shouldn't only look at the different types available, but also the actual ingredients used to make them. If you have normal skin, this shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, you have to know which ingredients go into which products.  To read more about the benefits of using the best shaving products, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne9_Npe8Tgs.

For example, perfume. Some shaving products come with it, so if you have sensitive skin, it's best to

avoid anything scented. Some products do have fragrances but coming from essential oils. Aside from

giving off a scent, essential oils can help skin issues, such as lemon oil for taming oily skin or tea tree

oil for managing acne.


Some shaving products may also contain natural oils, which are often combined with glycerin, to provide a moisturizing effect. Some of the most commonly used are avocado, coconut, almond and jojoba oil.

Derived from plants or animals, stearic oil is another ingredient commonly found in shaving creams. It is known for being a powerful cleanser that helps these products lather. Finally, if you have dry skin, avoid any product with alcohol as it can only make your skin even dryer. Shaving gels are the best for sensitive skin as they usually contain the least amount of alcohol.

Understanding the different shaving products and their ingredients helps you find the right one for you. The next step is to research brands that have worked for many people with your skin type.

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